shaping your business your people & your future

‘The only constant in life is change’ – Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Here at Shape we see change as part of a company’s improvement, be that through team structure, systems or style and pride ourselves in working in a collaborative manner with clients to help them on that journey. We offer a team of consultants who are all passionate about people, and and making things better for a brighter future.

This process, be it for the company, an individual or a project is mapped out in a logical way, starting by reviewing the situation and then collectively working out where you want to get to and deciding how best to get there..

We understand to be successful in your business you need experts in many specialised fields. Thats why our associate team have a blend of unique skillsets to support you along the way.

The story behind Shape and how it all came about

Shape Associates’ journey started in the late 1980s when Darren ‘Fez’ Parker & Carl ‘Appy’ Appleton first met whilst serving in the Royal Navy, carrying out patrols in the Middle East onboard HMS Birmingham. 

Fast forward 30 years and their paths were to cross again in 2020 over Zoom during the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when, like so many other people, they were part of a reunion that had been organised.  
Darren and Carl who both had their own businesses soon realised that they had a lot in common, and with very similar views on how they felt that consultancy should be done, so decided to collaborate and Shape Associates was born.


Shape is a team of independent professionals that has come together to work in a collaborative manner with clients, and who all hold similar values.

Ethics is a key part of our offer. Shape maintains the highest standards of professional endeavour, integrity, confidentiality, financial propriety and personal conduct by working honestly and fairly with clients, fellow professionals and the wider public.

The team likes to work on projects that inspire change, that offer a sound return on your investment, often driven through cost-saving measures.

We work with organisations of any size and at different stages of development, and bring together a unique, agile approach to management, with a blend of skill-sets as well as access to other associates that can support you and your business.

Our vision is one of long-term sustainability, both for us and you. We listen to understand the challenges and then work together to present practical solutions.