Shape Associates can help in all areas of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications, from website design to brand management, sales planning and stakeholder management.


The approach to developing a marketing or PR strategy involves looking at the situation of the project or company, defining the objective that you want to achieve, map out the plan and identify the tools to be employed to fullfil the goals. 

At each step of the way there will be measurement criteria agreed in order to track the progress, so that changes can be implemented if needed or desired.

Media and communications

In addition Shape offer media training, and can support you with all of your internal and external communication requirements.

Brand management

Brand management itself is a separate topic. Shape can help you define what your brand is and advise on the best methods to promote it using an integrated marketing strategy.

Graphic design and website management 

If you require assistance or advice with design elements, social media campaigns or website management then Shape Associates is well-versed in these areas too.

To discuss any of the above in more detail, please get in touch