The team of associates working with Shape are all passionate, professional people who deliver quality work either by working collaboratively or on an individual basis.  

By working with associates, Shape is able to broaden its offer to clients by bringing in experts from other fields that all have their own wealth of experience.

Having this collaborative approach is very powerful in the world of consulting, providing not only a very supportive professional network for the individual, but also a first class service for the client as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your consultancy requirements. 

If you are an individual that feels as though you could add value to Shape Associates, or for an introductory chat, then please get in touch by completing the form below.


Location: Jersey Chanel Islands

Skillset: Compliance & Data Protection

Paul Byrne
Associate - Jersey

Location: Australia

Skillset: Business Process Management for Facilities Management

Peter Sherlock
Associate- Australia

Location: United Arab Emirates

Skillset: Leadership, Market & Feasibility Studies, Growth Strategies, Commercial Effectiveness, Tender Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, Relationship Management, Business Planning, Project Management, Port Marine Service Evaluation

Iain Barnett
Associate- UAE

Location: United Kingdom

Skillset: Mobile & Static Plant Management, Safe methods of use and maintenance, Control of environmental impacts, Risk Assessment & Method Statements, Planning Logistics & Emergency Response Arrangements

Tom Head
Associate - United Kingdom

Location: South Africa

Skillset: Project Management, Aviation Advisor & Consultant

Rudi Rademan
Associate - South Africa
John copy

Location: United Kingdom

Skillset: Emergency, Incident and Crisis Management Specialist

John Barker
Associate- United Kingdom

Location: United States

Skillset: C-Level Leadership, Aviation/Logistics/ Transportation Support, Resource Optimistaion, Change / Transformational Management, Digitalization, Customer Experience, Coaching & Mentoring

Michael Kilchherr
Associate- USA

Location - United Kingdom

Microsoft Applications Training
Adult Education
Instructional Design
Learning Development
Quality Assurance

David Dresner
Associate - United Kingdom

Location: United Kingdom

Skillset: Microsoft Applications Training
Power BI training
Learning Development
Webinars / Seminars
Voiceover service

Simon Lambourne-Wills
Associate - United Kingdom

Location: United Kingdom

Skillset: Branding, Web Design, Packaging & Marketing Material

Alex Griffith
Associate- United Kingdom

Location: United Kingdom

Skillset: PR & Communications

Hayley Griffith
Associate- United Kingdom

Location - United Kingdom

Skillset: LMS/VLE (Development & Integration)

CRM Integration 

Project Management (Waterfall & Agile)

UX & Journey Mapping

Behavioural Analytic Solutions

Media Production (Video Content and Postproduction)

Charlie Shepherd
Associate- United Kingdom